How can Digital Signage help my customers?

  • Assist customers in making informed decisions about your products & services
  • Promote attractive in-store specials (hourly/daily...)
  • Inform your customers about news, weather, community events etc.
  • Partner in your customer's life/business success with relevant tips & advice

How can Digital Signage help my business?

  • Increase sales & customer loyalty
  • Reduce marketing communication costs (Save money on expensive posters etc.)
  • Test new offers & specials quickly and easily (results are instantly measurable)
  • Increase the "viral" growth of your business by running weekly on-screen contests etc.

How can SmartCast make it easy for me to manage digital content?

  • We provide you with affordable, easy-to-use software to manage one or 1000 screens (from a single computer)
  • Our robust & reliable software is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Our content management team can create up-to-the-minute campaigns to enrich your customer's experience