Kevin Haluk: President and CEO

Also known as the chief "Client Happiness Officer", Kevin is the founder and visionary behind numerous companies working in a variety of industries from hotels, health products to software development. Kevin's business achievements are centered on providing clients with specific and measurable business results, which is why he's been successful in working with many multi-national and fortune 500 clients. A serial entrepreneur, Kevin started his first company in his early teens. A lifelong student of success, Kevin's favorite business books include "Winning, by Jack Welch, From Good to Great, by Jim Collins.

Mike Schell: Vice President of Sales & Marketing

An award winning sales consultant since 1982, Mike has written five sales related books, including the best selling "Buyer Approved Selling," which he turned into a workshop that is now licensed by companies such as Canon USA and Canon Canada to train thousands of salespeople to date. Mike's philosophy around sales and marketing is simply this: Ask insightful questions to help people discover what they really need to achieve or exceed their business goals (as relates to your product or service) and deliver it to them. Period.